Basecamp Pricing Page Redesign Notes

This redesign is just-for-show. I am sure that the fine people at Basecamp have researched and tested their design decisions, and I am in no way suggesting that this pricing page is superior, just different.

Hero sign-up

I love the illustrations that Basecamp uses throughout their website. I especially like how on the trial sign-up page the guy points at whichever field you are focused on. I decided to switch things up on my design using a full-width header image.

Some might say that large 'hero' or header images are trendy or overused, but this article by Crazy Egg shows a comparison study which suggests that these oversized images could contribute to a decreased bounce rate, increased form completions, and increased sales and leads.

Image credit: Startup Stock

Pricing Packages

I read this article by Kissmetrics, which describes 8 psychological triggers to optimize your pricing page. One of these triggers is called the 'Anchoring Effect', where showing the highest price first makes the second option look like a bargain. I also highlighted the $150/month package to draw attention; this could be applied to whichever plan Basecamp would like to promote.

Main content

I love the style of Basecamps content - not too wide, and oh so readable. For the sake of the redesign I chose to display the content a little differently. I took the links that were in the footer and added them as a sidebar beside the content.

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